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Real Estate Photography You Feel

It takes time, patience, and lots of work from both photographers and editors to make a picture perfect!

From flipping switches around the home to getting proper exposure, our trained photographers understand how to take good photos of homes through the power of design.

Real Estate’s New Look

Drones give us an amazing new perspective. Aerial images highlight qualities in the architecture, large properties, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Our FAA Certified and Insured UAS pilots use small, yet powerful drones to provide breathtaking photos of your home, incorporating the yard, neighborhood, or those beautiful mountains!

Bring Viewers There!

3D walkthroughs are a fun, engaging way to get people interested in homes. In addition, they showcase beautiful homes, provide accurate measurements, and more!

3D Walkthroughs can be viewed by guests from the comfort of their own couch. Home buyers can swipe through rooms and hallways from a relaxing atmosphere. Viewers can also get a more immersive experience using VR headsets and experience what it’s like to actually be there.

20 Step Editing Process

Our 20 Step Editing Process ensures your homes look beautiful and accurate on screens and in print!

Some of the main things we focus on during editing are:

  • White Balance
  • Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
  • Sky Replacement

Clear Windows


Straight Verticals


Accurate, Vibrant Color


Sharp Details

Part of Your Team

We’re here to help your home look great and make you look like a great agent (which you are)!

Our highly professional and talented photographers and editors understand the power of real estate photography, and we have developed a consistent system which provides high quality photos from:

  • Powerful DSLR cameras and lenses
  • Advanced editing software for accurate photos
  • New drone and 360 cameras

Why Atmosphere Tours?

Atmosphere Tours was created to provide people with a way to truly bring you the feeling of a home through photography.

Our services reflect a growing change in how we view our worlds from a computer or smartphone. The immersive new technologies we love to play with add incredible value to your home or business…beyond the scope of just being a “picture.”

We provide information in the form of HDR photos, (certified) aerial shots, 360 panoramas and 3D walkthroughs.

In terms of traditional real estate photography…we’ve pretty much perfected it.

In terms of what the future holds for technology…we’re on top of it.

As a company, we are dedicated to being on the forefront of technology while still being cost effective…providing you with the best quality at the best price.

We are always looking for the best use of technology, marketing, equipment, and humans to help make people’s lives a little easier.

Which is why we are working on ways to create a better experience for the agent, renter, or property manager.

We’re here to make you (and your home) look good.

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Fast, affordable, and professional. They make my homes look incredible and my clients are happy!

Anthony DelvechhioReal Estate Agent, Utah

Very well done. Thank you for all the work you did!

Sylvie WanlassLegislative Assistant, Utah Senate Minority