The Best Advice for Passing the FAA Part 107


Intimidating is the best way to describe the test you must take to become a registered FAA Remote Pilot. The Part 107 is a 60 question, multiple choice exam that spans much of the information you’d learn in aviation ground school. You can schedule to take the exam (usually with little notice) at a facility in your area through the FAA website. Also, here you’ll find a study guide spanning on the information that will be on the exam. This very in depth guide is worth some attention and maybe having a copy handy in your desk…but I find that I can comprehend better by watching Tony Northrup’s Part 107 Study Guide.

The almost two hour long video goes over all aspects of what to expect on the Part 107 exam. It’s recommended that you watch it a few times to fully comprehend and remember all the numbers thrown at you. Tony gives you clear instruction on how to understand sectional charts, TAF and METAR reading, and why you’re always hearing “Whiky Tango Foxtrot” in the movies!

I suggest buying yourself a sectional chart so you can understand the process and do a little practice around your own airspace. That will not only prepare you for the test, but it will also give you a clear understanding of where you can and cannot fly in your area.